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How to Add a Printer to Google Chromebook

You have to add a printer to the Google Chromebook to print anything from the Google Chrome OS. In case you are using the Windows and Mac, then Google Chromebook printing abilities are run by the Google Cloud Print service as different Chrome OS. It will permit you to send the file or documents to the classic printer or pair the printer to the Google Chromebook. In case you wish to place a printer to Google Chromebook, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Adding the Printer to Google Chromebook

• Start the printer.

• You have to start downloading and installing the Chrome internet browser on the Windows PC or Mac.

• Go to the Google Chrome internet browser and after that tap on the “three dots” symbol located in the top right side of the display.

• In case the Google Chrome doesn’t find your reason valid, then the “Three Dots” will be turned into the salmon color with round shape including an exclamation mark.

• Tap on the “Settings” option after the pull-down menu starts appearing on display.

• Go to the end of the Settings option.

• After that, tap on the “Advanced” button.

• Tap on the “Manage Cloud Print devices” option.

• In case you are not signed in to the account registered with the Google, then tap on the “Log In” URL located at the end of the webpage below the “My devices” option.

• Type all the details required to log in to the Google account.

• After you are signed in, the entire pull-down list of the printers which are available now will start appearing below the “My Devices” option.

• Below the “Classic printers” option, you have to tap on the “Add printers” button.

• You will get the list of the entire printers which are available now for registering with the “Google Cloud Print.”

• Make sure that the bookmark should be added next to every printer you wish to get for the Google Chromebook.

• Press on the “Add or remove” button for placing the bookmarks.

• Tap on the “Add printers” option.

• The classic printer is paired with the Google Cloud Print and attached to the Google account, which is available to the Google Chromebook.

Steps for Adding the Cloud-ready Printer to Chromebook

• Start the printer.

• Go to the in the Google Chrome internet browser.

• Tap on the “Add Cloud Ready Printer” located on the left-hand column of the webpage, and you have to ignore the large azure color and white option located in the middle right side of the window.

• The list of the cloud-ready printers will start showing by the seller. Tap on the “Name” of the printers company like Paragon, Epson, etc. located on the left-hand side of the menu.

• You will get the drop-down list of all the compatible models given on the right column of the webpage.

• In case you do not get the list, then you have to go through the guidelines mentioned below for the classic printers:
  • Tap on the suitable URL in the middle of the webpage and after that go through similar steps.
  • Every printer company offers various types of guidelines.
  • Go back to the website in the internet browser once you had gone through the guidelines given by the printer company.
  • Tap on the “printers” located on the left-hand side of the menu.
  • You will get the name of the new printer in the pull-down list displaying on the screen.
  • Tap on the “Details” option for viewing detail thoroughly about the new printer.
Source: Brother printer customer service  |   Adding a printer to Google Chromebook

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