Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Easy Ways to Use Plex to Manage All Your Favorite Podcasts

Plex is a very famous media server for all cord cutter lovers. It allows you to stream your video, music, video, and photo collection to your TV and mobile devices. Also, it can perform as a DVR and record live OTA television with the Plex DVR. Plex consists of many other features. Some are discussed below:

· Quick, free, easy, and intuitive setup and it doesn’t require any subscription.

· It offers you Cross-device status features. This cross-platform playback feature allows users to listen to podcasts on a jog and easily pick up from the last left off at their desk.

· It will save all your media files in just one place; On Deck Support for podcasts displays the latest unplayed and partially listened to episodes like other shows, sittings alongside all other media within the Plex, from personal music, video, photo collections, to live and recorded TV, and all latest news and many other things.

· The latest Add to My Podcast feature allows you to add some items to On Deck automatically and easily get to your favourite shows.

· Additionally, it provides you with Multi-Device Support.

However, the Podcast feature is still in the early phases and supports the only audio format, but the team is preparing for Video format too.

In this guide, you will learn how to use Plex to manage all your favorite podcasts. But before providing steps, we suggest you follow the steps in an exact sequence to avoid damages and data protection.

Steps to Use Plex to Manage all Your Favorite Podcasts

On the internet, you will easily find podcasts under the Online Content section located in the right panel of the window. Podcast manager will always work as Apple Podcasts, the new Google Podcasts app on Android, or Overcast. It always displays recommended shows, popular podcasts and all the specific title that users are searching for. Moreover, it has a section named “On Deck” where episodes for shows in the “My Podcasts” section that are in progress or next in line. Here how to use Plex to manage all your favorite Podcast:

1. Click on the Podcast icon to get the description of the show.

2. Now, click to add it as “My Podcasts” section to subscribe it.

3. Then, click on the menu icon on the show's thumbnails.

4. After that, choose “Add to Add to my Podcasts” from the menu.

While there might be a time when you can’t easily find the podcast you exactly want. Hence, if you can’t find any specific podcast, you don’t need to worry about this, in fact, you can add it manually. To do this, you just need to follow few simple steps:

1. For doing this, firstly you will need to use the web interface.

2. After that, click on the Microphone icon located in the upper right corner.

3. Then, click to add the URL to the show.

4. Finally, you find the podcast RSS feed link directly on the show’s website.

The best thing of using Plex for Podcast is that it works without even having any server setup. Additionally, the podcast is always free for all the users, so you even don’t need any Plex Pass subscription to use all the features.

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