Thursday, 25 April 2019

A Step by Step Guide for Fixing Canon Printer E5 Error

The Canon printer errors are differed by model number. E5 printer error points to an issue with the ink cartridge. Major causes for the failure are:

●       The Ink Cartridge isn’t installed well
●       A wrong cartridge has been installed.
●       The printer can’t detect ink cartridge completely.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Ink Cartridge Chip?

An ink cartridge in the canon products serves many purposes. Mostly ink cartridge issues happen from errors like the improper installation. Fix the Canon ink cartridge chip by understanding and observing error messages.

1.       Remove Canon ink cartridge of the printer.
2.       Turn Off the Printer.
3.       Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
4.       Wait for sometime before plugging in the printer.
5.       Power it up now.
6.       A download ink cartridge in the printer.
7.       Wait for some time till the cartridge gets charged.
8.       Look for printer’s display for the E5 error code.
9.       Error code implies that the ink cartridge wasn’t correctly installed.
10.   Repeat the steps mentioned above again to clear out this error.
11.   Wrong ink cartridge installed

What will you do if the installation has gone wrong?

1.       Just acquire the right cartridge and later introduce it to the printer.
2.       Printer models sponsored by cartridge are arranged on the surface of cartridge packaging.

What if the printer isn’t detecting ink cartridge correctly

1.       Just remove the new cartridge with old ones. Till then, leave the printer and start doing whatever you want for a time period of 15 minutes.
2.       Substitute the useless cartridge with a fresh Cartridge. Just check if your printer recognizes new cartridge now.
If you are still bothered by the issue, then transfer the original cartridge. Ensure that you keep it in a safe and clean room where it is more sheltered from damage.
1.       Turn the printer off using the power button.
2.       Unplug printer at the wall.
3.       Plug in the printer.
4.       Inject the current cartridge.
5.       Enter the power switch on the printer.
6.       You can also detect the cartridge when you install it. The issue can be a dirty printer.

Printer drivers

Another option is to reinstall the printer operator. If the operator is turned off, then reinstall the driver. It will make up the issue.

Reset printer counters

Some other options are there to try as well. It includes resetting specific printer functions. You may look for the Internet for printer model and see the specific reset instructions.

Source: Guide for Fixing Canon Printer E5 Error

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