Thursday, 16 May 2019

Rage 2 Price Drops Right After the Launch For All Platforms

Avalanche Studios and id Software have recently introduced their indigenously developed Rage 2 title for open-world shooter style games, and initial reviews are suggesting the title to be an excellent platform for players to experience gunplay. Still, many others have hinted that the game lacks in a constructive storyline which makes the in-game character less relatable.

Interestingly enough the developers for Rage 2 title have provided an exclusive 17% discount for the Rage 2 title, right after one day to make it a lot more attractive deal to go with for players who are getting meddled between the mixed reviews for the title. Players can avail this exclusive 17% discount on the Rage 2 title by purchasing the title from Walmart as currently a special offer at Walmart is offering the Rage 2 title for $10 less from the launched price tag.

Initially, the Rage 2 price was set at $59.94 but with a price drop of $10 players can avail this exciting title for $49.94 and explore a whole new realm with exciting places to explore with some extremely challenging battles underway.

The Rage 2 title is currently available for all gaming platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and PC, so gamers can access the Rage 2 game on any of the platforms they prefer. Rage one has also seen some slow start during its launch face, but later down few months the Rage title got a lot of traction and managed to surpass $1 million sales mark.

It is believed by many gaming experts that Rage 2 title may face some initial challenges in terms of sales, but eventually, there will surely be an upward trend in the sales of the game as more and more players would get to know about the sequel of a 30 year old title.

It is currently not unknown as to how long the drop in Rage price would sustain at Walmart as no specific time frame is mentioned for the title. Still many suggest that the 17% discount for Rage 2 would soon be withdrawn as the developing studio generates sufficient profits for the new title.

The early discount for Rage 2 title is not that of a shocker as many other games have also offered early price drop like Mortal Kombat 11 which granted more than $15 discount within one month of its release.

Still, it seems that the Rage 2 title did not manage to gather the desired amount of sales during its launch which resulted in the introduction of a $10 discount right after the launch of the title. It is expected that the developers of Rage have laid a post-launch plan for their new Rage 2 title, and possibly gamers can even access some DLC content in the future. Let's see how the Rage 2 performs in the coming weeks and manage to gain sufficient traction to sustain an active user base in the future.

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